Mr. M.O.Johnse the founder and the managing director of the company started his first garment manufacturing unit as a job working unit in the year 1976. Through out this period he manufactured all kinds of casual garments for men women and children, and therefore gained a lot of technical experience in the manufacturing process as well as gained knowledge on the different types of machineries used in the industry. After a successful stint as a job worker, Mr. Johnse, wanted to expand his business in the exporting industry, which is when he started the company, Big Ben Creation, which manufactured and exported ready made apparel. The company started working with clients from the US, France, Belgium and Germany over the years.
In the year 1996, Big Ben Creation had been turned to a private limited company and had its name changed to Eric Apparel Pvt Ltd. At the same time as a part of an expansion the company had built its first factory building in Vikhroli with all of its machineries under one roof. In the year 2005, after the abolishment of the quota system, Eric Apparel, was able to grow at a faster rate. Ever since then Eric Apparel has successfully delivered quality products to its clients, and the perseverance and zeal of the founder has taken the company to its position today.