Mr. M O Johnse

Mr. M.O.Johnse the founder and the managing director of Eric Apparels, started his first garment manufacturing unit as a job working unit in the year 1976. Early in his career, while he was managing a job working unit, his passion towards the intricacy and the workmanship of the products began increasing, after which he decided to start his own unit. In 1989 after a successful job-working tenure, Mr Johnse, wanted to expand his line of business towards the exporting of high quality garments, which is when he decided to venture into the export of ready made garments. Today, Eric Apparels has a well respected reputation in the market, and is known for its consistency of its product quality, its ability to produce intricate garments and professionalism; which is a product of the perseverance and of the vision implemented by Mr.M O Johnse. He believes in delivering a high quality product and has instilled a quality centric culture within the workforce of the organization, which has been the key to his reputation. Today, Eric Apparels is known for their quality standard and it's ability to manufacture the most intricate garments. After 40 years in the manufacturing industry, Mr.Johnse has successfully executed numerous business ventures with various buyers from the US, Canada, the UK and fashion hubs like Italy, France, Spain and the UAE.

Mrs. Uma Johnse Mulakampilly

An emphatic and a compassionate leader, Uma Johnse Mulakampilly, believes that a company's strength lies entirely in its personnel. As Eric Apparel is a manufacturing company, it is heavily dependent on its personnel, which is why she has successfully instilled an employee oriented culture within the organization over the past 2 decades, which has led to a stable growth in the employee morale and performance over the years. Having completed her BCOM in the year 1986 and a diploma in Business Management, she has had adequate experience in the Administration department. Her philosophy to run a successful business is to, "Keep your employees satisfied by, keeping them motivated and engaged in adventurous work environment". This philosophy has worked very well for Eric Apparels, as year after year the organization's efficiency and innovation has improved, along with the culture within the organization.

Mr. Eric Johnse

After finishing his graduation from the University Of San Francisco in the summer of 2016, in business administration, Eric joined his family business Eric Apparels, which was founded by his father M.O.Johnse. Having studied accounting, finance, marketing and entrepreneurship, Eric has enough exposure to the different aspects of a business. With a keen interest in the design element of things, Eric is naturally drawn towards the creation of garments. He believes that with the rising demand in new fashion trends, there will be an increase in the global demand of garments. Optimistic about the future, Eric believes that with his business tools and the company's vast array of processes, Eric Apparel can continue to grow to new heights.